Story behind the celebration of love day-valentine’s day

Story behind the celebration of love day-valentine’s day

Every bond of the world is made with love, if there is no love, then there can not be happiness in life, although love is not seen at any time or by looking at Muhurta, love becomes unbearable, a sea of love realization If there is a storm then there is no harm to anyone. Love sacrifice, there is a door of faith that can just feel which is not easy to get into words.

When such a lovely feeling is celebrated as a festival (Valentine’s Day) then that day becomes a memorable day. When everything is in love in life then it is also very necessary to give time to this precious realization and time may have lost somewhere in the world of this race, time is such a bird, which if not out of hand when it comes out Life can be captured only in beautiful memories.

All the festivals like Diwali, Rakhi, Christmas, Holi are celebrated whenever they are celebrated, love becomes even deeper among them, love does not require any particular day, but it needs to be said in the fast pace of time. Valentine’s day is a happy, full-hearted holiday.

On Valentine’s Day, everyone takes time out of love for their love. Love is the time to spend the most precious gift of life given to you by the above-mentioned people who make new plans for this day and make Valentine’s day only One day is celebrated not just full week.

Every festival has a story, there are some reasons. Valentine’s Day also has:

Story of valentine day

“Valentine is not the name of a day, this name is a Priest (pastor) who lived in Roam, at that time there was the rule of Claudius on Roam, who wanted to become a powerful emperor for him to make a huge army But he saw that the people of Roam who have a family whose wives and children do not want to join the army, then the Emperor made a rule, according to which he imposed a ban on the marriages that happen in the future. Nothing in front of that Emperor Could say, it’s Valentine also did not recover.

One day a couple came who expressed the desire to get married, then Valentine married her quietly in a room, but that Emperor came to know and she captured Valentine and she was sentenced to death. When the Valentine was locked in prison, all the people used to visit him to give him roses and gifts, he wanted to tell all that he believed in love, but that emperor punished death and that day was 14 February 269 A.D. .

Before dying, Valentine wrote a letter which was the name of the beloved couple, Valentine, happy happiness, and pleases to keep love alive, so from that day till today 14Feb Valentine was celebrated in the memory of Valentine’s Day.

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