What Does Bill de Blasio Do All Day, Anyway?


JULY 2015: Packing peanuts and single-service Styrofoam containers — Expanded Polystyrene Foam — became illegal in New York City.

SEPTEMBER 2015: A handball court at a park in Queens got a spiffy paint job!

NOVEMBER 2015: This was the second year in a row that the city resurfaced more than a thousand lane miles. (A “lane mile” is the length of the road multiplied by the number of lanes.)

JUNE 2016: Mayor Bill de Blasio cited Lawrence Ferlinghetti while cutting the ribbon at the opening of Coney Island Amphitheater.

OCTOBER 2016: A new 72-inch tunnel, 100 feet under the bottom of the harbor, is opened between Brooklyn and Staten Island to carry drinking water.

JANUARY 2017: The city set aside a billion dollars to fix the roofs on 700 New York City Housing Authority buildings.

MARCH 2017: The mayor gave a speech to announce that the “Fearless Girl” statue, which currently opposes the “Charging Bull” in the financial district, would remain in place until March 2018.

MAY 2017: The city announced borough-specific campaigns to promote animal awareness and safety — coyotes in the Bronx and Queens, deer in Staten Island, raccoons in Brooklyn.

JULY 2017: The City announced that its ferry services had served a million riders in the last three months.

OCTOBER 2017: The mayor made a speech announcing that Prospect Park in Brooklyn would now be car-free.

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