Ways to get fit in just 5 minutes

There are some days when it is difficult to follow a training routine as we had planned. Although it is necessary to find a system that allows us to train on a regular basis, some days it is totally impossible. So what? It is always possible to find 5 minutes to get in shape by doing a little exercise. You have to learn to change the chip: it’s always better than nothing, everything adds up! Here we give you a few ideas to train every day.

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  1. Make the iron

Do an ironing exercise for 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds and repeat 5 times. You can do it even at work if you want. There are so many variations of the iron  that you can mix them and try new things.

  1.  Take a 5-minute walk

Download the Running app, change your activity to “Walk”, start now for it. You may think: “why should I walk for 5 minutes?” Because this way you will have it registered in your app and you can easily see that the small activities also add up.

  1. Walk and talk

If you have a business call, attend it while you walk and go up and down the stairs. You know, those stairs that you never use because you always go in an elevator. It’s time to change that habit. Tones the legs and raises the heart rate a little.

  1. Exercise on the desk

Set the mobile timer in 5 minutes. Try  doing some of these exercises that you can do at the table . When the timer ends, back to work! You may even motivate your classmates to join you. That little movement can help you clear your mind and give you an energy boost. Try doing it before you go for the afternoon coffee cup .

  1. Walk more

Get off the bus a couple of stops before yours or park the car 5 minutes away from work. Take that time in the morning to move a bit and take the air.

  1. Squats and push-ups

Go for a full-body workout of 5 minutes doing 30 seconds of squats followed by 30 seconds of push-ups and repeat 5 times. You did not know you could sweat so fast, could you? You can do normal push-ups or supporting the knees.

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