The Way to Control Anxiety

The nomothetic approach can be further split into attribute and kind theories. Human behavior is explained in terms of forms or set dimensions which are supposedly applicable for everybody. Nomothetic strategy there are two approaches to character; the nomothetic and idiographic Nomothetic theories are affected by positivism whose chief intent is to find laws of human behavior throughout the statistical analysis of large collections of individuals. Trait theories describe people concerning a number of character dimensions whilst kind concepts categories people as falling into one of numerous character types. To put it differently, personality means these properties of behavior which are equally secure and distinctive. All these properties make us exceptional. It’s something to do with laws or the formula of general legislation. Nomothetic theories’ aim would be to create laws predicting behavior. This definition has two implications; Aims of the subject To spell out the association between personality and anxiety To recognize a number of types of character that people encounter and effort to predict their future behavior

To recognize the proper human and organizational stress management approaches. To assess the advantages and problems of psychometric examinations as tools which help management decision making to spot the association between character, motivation, job satisfaction and project layout.

“those comparatively stable and enduring facets of a person that differentiate him from different people and in precisely the exact same time form a foundation for our predictions regarding his future behavior”. Personality is defined concerning consistencies in feeling a individual’s thinking and behavior. 2) If these traits are identified they may be employed to predict the individual’s behavioral disposition. 1) The notion that character is lasting and stable implies it’s possible to recognize someone’s personality traits.

Psychologists and Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Though traits are identified by psychologists as influencing someone’s character, they agree to the 5 clusters of characteristics.  They’re known as the 5 O C A N.

Temperament traits (talking to disposition).Sanguine form= positive, positive, optimistic person who’s mostly dominated by the bloodstream physical humor.

Traits Some theorists like Carl Jung and Hans Jürgen Eysenck have recognized measurements of character like the E- measurement (extroversion- introversion) along with also the N- measurement (neuroticism and equilibrium).

Choleric= an aggressive, lively but irritable person mainly affected by yellowish bile. Melancholic= this can be really a miserable individual likely to unfounded fears.  The domination of bile causes this.

William Sheldon (1954) also contended that character is connected to an individual’s body size and shape according to study of psychology.

The theories assume a connection between behavior and traits. These put people into character categories on the basis of features that are believed to give rise.  It’s a method of classifying character.

There are various varieties of traits e.g. Type Theories Hippocrates identified 4 Kinds of character. They refer to a tag for a pattern of personality traits for example. Raymond Castell also identified 16 traits which have the lively traits (like the 5 outlined previously), skill traits (performance related) and character traits (emotionality).Id) Phlegmatic= a slow apathetic man dominated by phlegm.

These are features of thought/ feeling trends for that result to behavior in manners that are certain.  Buchanan and Huczynski (1998) specify a characteristic for a relatively steady or constant direction of thinking/behaving.

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