Privacy Policy

Privacy policy:

It’s important for every business to provide an privacy policy to their users to let them know what else we doing. What we’re behaving with our users. What best thing we’re doing with our users. Here our some policies to know you the best about IN-TH-USA.

we use cookie?

Most of the times we use cookie to help us remember  your activity. Cookies are also used to provide us better information about your activity on our website. So, we can provide you the best information as you need. Basically, cookies are a small bundle of different files that a website or it’s server try to send to your hard drive through your browser. That is help to recognize your browser , capture or remember some important information. It’s best to allow cookie in your browser for using our site. Maybe, you will loose some important thing without allowing cookies.

Policy changes:

We have authority to change our privacy policy any time. We will let our users( only registered user) know about our new updates via email in 3 business days or you can visit our privacy policy page.



Last Updated: 06/18/2017