Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Ministry was Part of Nigeria’s 57th Independence Anniversary Celebrations

Nigeria recently celebrated its 57th independence Anniversary, and Christ Embassy (sometimes known as Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated) was prominently part of the celebration. The Christian ministry founded by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (often shortened to Pastor Chris) distributed millions of copies of Rhapsody of Realities, a daily devotional and bible study guide, to thousands of Nigerians from all walks of like.

All and sundry feel Christ Embassy’s presence in Nigeria. The ministry under the stewardship of Pastor Chris has an annual program known as Reachout Nigeria whose aim is to improve the lives of the residents not only spiritually but also economically. The program has been running for over ten years and this year’s program was themed “Inspiring Greater Dream,” and indeed the Christ embassy ignited positive dreams in the minds of many by contributing towards the development of social amenities. For example, Christ Embassy is interested in availing clean drinking water, medicine, ICT facilities, food, clothing, education, etc. to poor Nigerians. Pastor Chris believes that the church should be responsible for the spiritual nourishment of believers as well as their other needs.

Rhapsody of Realities is considered the best-selling daily devotional and bible study guide. Pastor Chris authors the book. So far, statistics indicate that the guide, which is available in over eight hundred languages, has been distributed in over 242 countries. Also, the guide is available in both digital and print formats.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome:


Pastor Chris, 56, was born in Edo Nigeria and to believers across the globe, he is not only a clergyman but also a philanthropist. He is the founder of Innercity Missions for Children as well as Oyakhilome’s Future Africa Leaders Award. Through the Innercity foundation, Pastor Chris mobilizes resources to enable poor children to have access to basic needs and love. The future leaders’ program is designed to nurture and develop young men/women who have shown the potential for good leadership. To this end, the foundation enables such teenagers to have access to education, mentorship, and other youth empowerment programs. So far, over 40 youths have benefited from the program.

Pastor Chris’ active philanthropic roles in the society have not gone unnoticed as various universities have awarded him with honorary doctorates. The universities include Ambrose Alli University and Benson Idahosa University. He received an honorary doctorate in divinity from the Benson Idahosa University. The university’s the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ernest B. Izevbigie, noted that Pastor Chris’ mission had impacted many lives in the society.

Pastor Chris is a renowned author whose publications are read all over the world. Apart from Rhapsody of Realities, he has published over 21 books. Some of Pastor Chris’ books include Your Right In Christ, None of These Diseases, How To Make Your Faith Work, Don’t Stop Here, etc.

Pastor Chris is keen to unite believers across the world. To this end, he runs an online prayer network that leverages social media (including Facebook and Twitter) to send messages to Christians in different parts of the world. He also owns a social media site, Yookos, which boasts of 30 million users. What’s more, the clergyman has a smartphone app called KingsChat which enables interaction among believers.

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