Introduction and Usage of Double Block and Bleed Valves

How It Works:

Double Block and Bleed Valve is an ideal solution for the applications those are demanding double block in bleed, product isolation and verification of sealing. It can be used as critical isolation block, ESD valves, drain, pump or meter isolation in gas or liquid transfer pipelines. In addition, it can also be used in oil and gas production processing and in multi products manifolds.

The double block bleed valve dual mechanical sealing design ensures zero leakage. This allows the verification of valve closure in services that demand high integrity of product isolation. The DOV seal can also be verified in the open position to ensure sealing integrity without having to close the valve and interrupt the flow for your operation.

To achieve a verifiable API double block and bleed valve, you need to have an authentic manufacturer. For this purpose look at this website.

The special design of the valve enables you to ensure both double block and bleed isolation and API double isolation and bleed verification requirements in applications including either liquid or gas media. When the DBB valve is in a closed position, the ball is applied in strong mechanical loads in each seal face.

To prove the verifiable double block in a bleed seal, the manual bleed valve can be open to release the ultimate pressure of the media inside the body cavity. Once the media stops flowing from the bleed valve, the integrity of the seals has been proven.

If desired or needed, the body cavity can be drained by removing the drain plug, located in the bottom of the valve body.

The double block and bleed valves inorganic extensive and regular testing ensure the reliable and consistent sealing solutions.

Double Block and Bleed Valves

Working Pressure Limits

The limits of maximum working pressure depend on the size, used materials and of course the makers of the valve. However, the average working pressure of an average valve should be around 5000 PSI or around 350 bars.

Categories of Double Block and Bleed Valves

The double block and bleed valves come in a variety of configuration and size with NPT, female and male categories from where you can choose any of your requirement and desire.

These valves are easily available in the market to fulfill your requirements. However, you can order it direct from manufacturer, supplier or any renowned affiliate network.

Material Used in Manufacturing

These types of valves are available in various metals. However, Brass and Stainless Steel double block and bleed valves are often used and very popular among the users.

The main objectives of these valves to use them in industrial sector but in some cases, these valves are very useful for residential use too.


If you are an industrialist, it is very important to choose quality valves for the safety and regulation of your plant. There are dozens of manufacturers with good market share and goodwill so it is not an issue. However, in opposite scenario, the saving of some pennies can cost you more than expected. Besides this all, the safety of human along with the installations should be the first priority of every industrialist.

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