When Desire is destructive By Misty Raine, Special Contributor

I had a great day today.  Why, you ask? Because, I watched an amazing movie that just came out last year, ‘’NIGHT OF THE UNSPEAKABLE.”

Although it’s a low-budget movie filmed entirely in one location (various rooms albeit), this movie really made my day. I needed the mental escape, I liked the new music, and I took heed to the underlying message the supernatural thriller sent.

The story starts with a female R&B group, and then quickly introduces the Rock/Pop band and the male Hip-Hop rappers.  The setting is a music studio and the star character never speaks. It can’t. It’s a mysterious sculpture. A voodoo gourd or something.

This movie is quite a perfect mixture of hip-hop and spirituality. Things get steamy in this recording studio this unspeakable night. So much so that there is one male and one female whose spiritual powers are unleashed and threaten the lives of everyone they meet.

The male is handsome and the female is beautiful. They both are attracted towards the spaces where people have lustful thoughts and engage in sexual relations. They enter into the human body and enjoy sex, and their partners seem to enjoy it even more. It seems like these ancient entities are hungry for sex.  Some people said they were once angels but they are creating negativity now.


In the end part, these sex-inciting powers start killing all the people they pleasured, and those who had nothing to do with the sexual encounters but were just there that night trying to work on recording their music. These two sexy creatures were rampaging, instilling fear and creating destruction along the way.

Every scene was so real, as you can tell. This movie is scary because if the plausibility! This movie is not like those horror movies that are scary because of some big dark room and the shouting voices of the people. The best part of this movie to me is that every scene is created with full-lighted rooms. That allows one to clearly see the faces of the unspeakable ones. That crucial element is the strong and interesting point in this movie.

I say “NIGHT OF THE UNSPEAKABLE” by Jamie Rhodes is must watch. If you are interested in such stories you need to watch it immediately with your friends. Check it out and let me know if you agree that it’s a very impressive project from a first-timer. Also, there’s this one scene I want to get your thoughts on, so definitely get this DVD or steam the movie online. Here, I am posting the link of where you can get this movie: https://www.amazon.com/Night-Unspeakable-Dena-Toler/dp/B06ZZHMTX1.

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