Confirm or Deny: Jason Blum


Musicals are actually your favorite genre.

I love going to see musicals. That was one of the major reasons why losing the chance to produce “La La Land” was so painful. Ryan Murphy and I share our love of horror and musicals. I think those things somehow go together.

You own a Smart Car.

True. Confirm. I do have a Tesla also.

Millennials love horror movies.

They love them and they love to go in groups. And women like to go more than men.

There are 19 things that always scare us.

Confirm. Door swings closed, someone is now standing behind you in the room. Refrigerator door swings closed revealing something scary. Is that something in the mirror/reflection? Someone knocks on the car window and he’s standing right behind you. What is that shadow in the dark? Something attracts your attention in the background and then foreground jump. Someone walking onto an empty road, then unexpected car hit. Cat leaping out of the darkness or a high shelf (yes, it’s still used). Objects suddenly flying off shelves. Did I just see that thing (mannequin, doll, statue) move? Camera follows someone across room when they walk back — someone’s there, big scare! Lights off, lights on — big scare. Someone looking down hall — something runs across from room to room. Characters driving, then unexpected car crash. Looking into a mirror or water — something jumps out. The nightmare within a nightmare sequence. Seeing someone contort their body in an odd way suddenly – bending over backward, jaw coming unhinged. Something rolls out of the darkness of a doorway or basement toward our main character — a ball, toy car. Spooky sounds or voices on a recorder or message punctuated by a loud scare.

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