At Tiffany’s, the Fifth Avenue Face-Lift Starts at Home


Since joining Tiffany & Co. in January as chief artistic officer, Reed Krakoff has undertaken to freshen the image of the 180-year-old jewelry company. His first major footprint is on the fourth-floor home and accessories floor of Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue flagship, where the sacred and the profane are now commingling cheerfully.

“The main thing we were trying to bring back was that aesthetic of the extraordinary as well as the everyday,” Mr. Krakoff said. Which is how the world came to know the Tiffany Tin Can (actually sterling silver and vermeil, $1,000), whose humble shape and unhumble price tag set the internet a-dither on Monday. (“When panhandling before the big riot, don’t be caught without this stunning $1,000 tin can from Tiffany’s.”)

Tiffany is a luxury purveyor, and luxury in everything, from dog bowls to baby combs to teakettles, is to be expected. Mr. Krakoff’s injection of levity is not an unwelcome twist on the usual gilded or silvered theme. “We’re just getting started,” he said. Here, Mr. Krakoff explains the thinking behind the new design.

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