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Is credit with BUT a good idea for shopping?

The famous brand BUT has 300 stores in France. A specialist in furniture, the group has extended its range to household appliances, and even offers a wide range of HI-FI products. BUT also offers to finance purchases directly in stores, in partnership with Yoabank, one of the largest credit organizations. How does this translate concretely? Is GOAL credit attractive? Answer and advice to really enjoy it.

Characteristics of credit with GOAL

Characteristics of credit with GOAL

The BUT credit allows direct financing of purchases made within the brand. It does not allow any case to obtain a sum of money . Let’s review the features of this loan:

  • The BUT credit is only intended to pay for purchases made within the brand
  • Amount: generally from $ 300, more than $ 10,000 in some cases
  • Duration: up to 30 months
  • Credit subject to acceptance upon presentation of supporting documents *
  • Possibility of obtaining a BUT credit card (optional) Cpay Mastercard (contribution 14.90 $ / year)

At least the following supporting documents must be presented to obtain a credit agreement: identity document, proof of income, bank details, proof of address.

How does credit with BUT work?

How does credit with BUT work?

Credit with BUT opens a revolving credit contract. This type of loan provides a reserve of money, which can be drawn on at any time. Managed by the credit organization Yoabank, the loan can therefore go beyond the simple framework of the brand. It is indeed possible to request a transfer to your Yoabank online account, once the credit contract has been opened.

The Yoabank organization will indicate all the conditions of the current loan (amount to be reimbursed, amount available, next due date, etc.) each time with a statement.

Revolving credit = revisable APR rate

Revolving credit is associated with an adjustable and not fixed APR rate. This implies that it is subject to change, in particular when the available money is reused. It is concretely possible to obtain a first loan at an attractive rate – or even 0% – but the latter will necessarily be different in the event of re-use.

In which cases is the GOAL credit interesting?

BUT regularly offers credit promotions at 0% rate , associated with a payment in 3x, 10x or even 20x. In this case it is a free credit, necessarily attractive. However, always check the APR rate of credit outside the promotional period, and compare it with online credit offers. An online consumer credit formula can be more attractive, provided you have the opportunity to wait a little before making your purchases.

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