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More than half of Czechs are not enough with one bank


 One third of Czechs with more than one financial product use the services of two banks . Clients of two or more banks are then 28 percent of respondents. Research among nearly 900 respondents shows that if people in one bank are not satisfied with all products, do not hesitate to go to competition.

Take care of multiple accounts


Internet banking makes it easier to take care of multiple accounts . Customers don’t visit multiple locations and handle everything with just a few clicks from home.

They also apply for a financial product on the bank’s website . According to research, more than half of the respondents would do so . However, people are more cautious when ordering a service on a third-party site . Only 9% of respondents would negotiate a financial product. Almost twice as much would have purchased the service through the mobile app .

Women prefer one bank, men prefer more


The research showed that the services of more banks are used mainly by university educated people with net income over CZK 20,000. This way of managing finances is more typical for men .

Women, on the other hand, prefer one bank more often. The same applies to people with basic education , students and clients under thirty .

Only 4% of people do not use the bank


People with only one financial product cannot divide their money among multiple banks. In the Czech Republic, this is 8%. Twice fewer Czechs do not use the bank’s services at all.

If respondents are considering negotiating another financial product, it is most often travel insurance, savings account, accident insurance or mortgage . On the other hand, there is little interest in the previously popular supplementary pension insurance or building savings schemes .If you want to know more about the advantages of having multple accounts just read more on our articles.

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